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Published Dec 13, 20
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I hate the dentist. More than I hate going to the hospital or eating my vegetables, the dentist is my least favorite appointment. And, due to the fact I move around a lot, I’m constantly looking for a new dentist to trust my teeth with. Talking to friends who also struggled with finding a dentist, I heard all kinds of horror stories—anything from getting fake cavities filled to being overcharged for a service they didn’t receive.

You might find that bringing in good clients, and lots of them, is hard too! Here are some smart marketing ideas to make it easier for your potential customers to find your practice. While you want to get the word out about your dental practice, being specific about who you market to is important.

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Local Awareness ads are a great way to reach a local audience, and you can now use the new map card to share locally relevant details about your dental business, like the address, distance to the business, hours of operation, and a “Get directions” link. Your CTA can even be a call button, an easy prompt to make an appointment.

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Click-to-call ads are available through Facebook and Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) on mobile, desktop, and tablet. This extension can be added to existing ads, or you can create call-only campaigns. According to Google, most healthcare-related searches are performed on a smartphone. And one in twenty Google searches is for health-related information.

You can create ads exclusively for mobile with call-only campaigns through Google Ads. Facebook has an insane amount of demographic targeting available, and you can be using this to your advantage. Other than the obvious, you can also target potential customers by language, relationship status, employment, income, and interests. Research has shown that women make 90% of all dental buying decisions.

Whether it comes in the form of a postcard or a phone call, appointment reminders are important to make sure your patients show up. Streamline this process by using Google calendar alerts, and sending appointment confirmations and reminder by email. You can also easily use these methods to remind your patients to make an appointment, i.

for an annual cleaning. Yes, everyone should floss regularly and go to the dentist for annual cleanings. In truth, most people don’t. In Google Ads, you can target different demographics based on income level. Navigate over to the settings tab and select “Advanced Location.” It will bring up this menu: Select the “Location groups” tab and you’ll notice a list of three options.

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Remarketing is frequently described as “easy money.” It helps you reach people who have visited your website, or practice, by serving specific ads focused on re-capturing those potential customers. At your dental practice, if you collect email addresses, you can leverage these through Customer Match on Google Ads and Facebook! Just upload the email addresses to create a remarketing audience and create an ad that would entice patients to visit your practice again—maybe a reminder for a cleaning, or whitening.

Advertisers will be able to use “Send Message” as a CTA on their ads, which would then take the prospect to messenger. This is only in beta now, but should be rolling out fully soon! An advertisement on Google maps could literally lead a potential patient right to your dental practice.

On mobile, these ads also include directions and call CTAs. Like Google Maps, you can also directly advertise on Waze. Because Waze is a community-based application, advertisements are a little different—customers near your business will see a “digital billboard” appear on the map, as well as in the search results.

Two months ago, I found myself googling “emergency wisdom tooth extraction boston” at 2AM. The first two results didn’t provide a “call” CTA, so I chose the third and two more from the Google maps results with the highest ratings. None of them picked up (which was expected), but I made an appointment with the first practice that called me back.

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ZocDoc is a mobile app that helps patients find doctors based on specialty, insurance, location, and availability; it’s almost like booking a doctor’s appointment on Open Table. It is now in most major cities—and some smaller ones too! According to a study done in 2014, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.