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Make sure your team has the new patient telephone training they need by working with an expert dental marketing partner. Even though more than 50% of your new dental patients should be referrals, those folks, along with people who receive your other dental marketing campaigns, will likely look you up online.

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Provide step-by-step “how to” instructions to help patients help you. Another good marketing idea for the entire dental office team is to regularly look over your website. Is the content up to date? Will your website appeal to the female head-of-household? Is it easy to navigate and does it reflect the quality of your services? Is there a friendly picture of the dentist with their family and/or the team? Fifty percent of consumers fear the dentist on some level, so the friendlier you can make your image, the more success you will have.

That said, it’s essential that your dental practice have a positive community image. Many of our clients find that sending out a neighborhood dental newsletter furthers their credibility and leads to additional community engagement. You can also get your practice's name out through participation in community events, such as volunteer activities or neighborhood celebrations.

This can serve as a brilliant opportunity for networking with actual potential new dental patients while establishing your practice as a firm fixture in the community. Really the number-one dental marketing idea is to consistently focus on new-patient generation. Every practice loses 15-20% of their patient base annually due to naturally occuring attrition.

Dental marketing newsletters are proven to drive 70% higher call volume than dental marketing postcards, plus they're twice as effective at engaging the brain. Host fun themed events at your office to let the community know you're not only "all business," but that you can provide an enjoyable experience as well.

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Or you can organize a BBQ or refreshment pitstop for local events like charity runs or parades. The key to this dental marketing idea is to be visible, real, and friendly, and to support your patient community. After all, a patient who has a good time with your practice is sure to reward you for it with their loyalty and referrals.

This social media site offers you a great way to show the culture of your practice and a place for prospective employees to see what it's like to work with your team. The biggest dental marketing idea of all is team training. As a dentist, you are probably committed to continuing education for yourself and your team.

Their enthusiasm about you, your practice, and the services you offer will make or break your dental marketing plans. Enhance your dental marketing strategy with this gem of a dental marketing idea and get your team involved. At your weekly huddles, have your team read every marketing campaign you launch.

Have everyone on your dental team bring in all the flyers, emails, and other promotional dental marketing pieces they receive and review them in your huddles. Make sure everyone on your team understands why patients should choose your practice and how important every patient visit is to your practice security.

Our proven dental marketing solutions are designed to grow your business and help you stand out in the crowd. We’ve been helping dentists like you since 1993 and offer a full suite of products and services to help you effectively market your dental practice including: .

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Attracting new patients is a necessity in order to grow and have a successful dental practice. Solo dental practices need 20 new patients per month (or more) in order to grow quickly. Traditional dental marketing practices no longer work. Virtually all consumers now go online to find local services like dentists.

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For patients who book appointments, 83% tapped into the providers website and 26% looked at consumer generated reviews. It's clear the era of digital marketing for dentists are here, and consumers are in the drivers seat. Take a look at some of the top dental marketing ideas that are attracting new patients.

We know traditional dental marketing strategies no longer work, but what does work? We work with dental offices of all sizes and have had the opportunity to test strategies and optimization techniques. What we've walked away with is a clear understanding of how modern patient behavior functions, and what patients are looking for when they seek a new dentist.

Most of these you can implement right away, although some will require ongoing effort. If you need some help with your dental marketing strategy, feel free to reach out to us anytime. We love to meet new people. For leveraging a location based marketing strategy, nothing beats Google My Business.