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Features like Google's Local Search results (shown in the screenshot below) will break out a list of nearby dentists with most if the information a new patient would need to connect with your office (address, business hours, website, reviews, etc.) and potentially become your newest patient. Once you've created a Google My Business Listing, a Google Maps location is generated and it will synch with Google Search.

Around 90 percent of worldwide searches happen on Google. This value illustrates the importance of an optimized Google My Business listing. (above, you can see that these offices are each labeled as a "dentist" right next to the average review rating. (optimize this description for SEO) Want to learn more about Google My Business? In this blog, we reveal our secrets to success.

Patients don't wanted to be treated in a place that doesn't look nice. So a nice dental website design is no longer optional. Beyond first impressions, patients will most likely interact with your website. So how your website functions is a direct reflection on how they perceive you will function.

Patients consistently report that their choice of a dentist is significantly impacted by how easily and quickly they can book an appointment.) When you put these features into your web design you will have made great progress towards improving your ability to attract new patients. But features and capabilities aren't the only things you need to do.

- Website visitors have zero patience. If a page loads slow they leave and they won't come back. An impression will have been made, and it's not a good one. You have three seconds for a page to load before they run for the back button. - Security is a no brainer in the healthcare space.

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- 80 percent of new patients are searching on their smartphones when looking for a new healthcare facility. Mobile search web design is a must. When new patients run across a site not built for mobile, it instantly drives them away. - The best dentist websites are coded properly for SEO value.

Wordpress is a very common CMS for dentists, but as an open-source solution we have found it lacking in many of these important technical aspects. This is why we prefer to build dentist websites on the HubSpot CMS. HubSpot CMS can't be beat for safety, security and speed. Starting a blog will increase your presence on Google in a big way.

Patients have lots and lots of questions. This is actually one of the best places to start a blog for dentists is by answering patient questions. With a well written and SEO optimized blog, patients can't help but find your practice. The wealth of free information you provide them will create a connection and perhaps a new patient for you.

This could be a good time to reach out to a marketing agency that specializes in dentists. An agency will have the expertise and experience to speed up content creation. If you don't want to work with an agency, you can also do-it-yourself, or work with a marketing coach. However you decide to proceed, make sure the content you're creating is matched with search intent on Google.

- Healthy living is work, and it's an "in" trend right now. Take advantage and write about healthy habits that support dental health. But don't limit yourself to just the mouth, focus on holistic health of the entire body. - The internet is full of people seeking answers to questions.

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Chances are if one person is looking for it, many others are as well. This is a great blog type to add video! - There are always debates on the best this or that. Google for research on the latest dental trends and add your thoughts. Your blog content is going to be a great resource for future Facebook Ads.

When you promote your blog content as an ad, you are displaying your expertise in the industry and also your ability to create a holistic, healthy partnership with patients. If you've not spent much time working on the back end of a website, SEO can feel a bit like voodoo.

An SEO optimized website will show up higher in the search results and generate far more new patient leads than a website that is not optimized. SEO is complicated because the Google algorithm is complex. This complex algorithm makes them very good at reading websites and creating search listings. Google uses spiders to crawl your website data.